Dr. Maxime Walder

I am a political scientist interested in the dynamic nature political representation and democracy with a strong focus on data science and computational methods.


University of Geneva, Under the Direction of Prof. Nathalie Giger:
Online News Exposure: A Threat to Democracy? How Digital Transformation Affects Opinion Formation, Political Polarization and Trust.

University of Basel, Under the Direction of Prof. Stefanie Bailer:
Visual Politician - Inclusiveness and Exclusiveness in Visual Political Communication.

Together with Prof. Oliver Strijbis:
SPS Garage, the Swiss Political Survey Garage. More infos on

Ph.D. Thesis:
Parties and Voters in Interaction: Lessons from Direct Democracy.

The complete publication list can be found here


Fall 2020 & Fall 2018:
Political Campaign in Elections and Direct Democracy. Bachelor Option class in the University of Zurich.

Fall 2022:
M├ęthodes Quantitatives. Bachelor Mandatory class in the University of Geneva.


Mostly interested in Computational Social Science.

Various levels of knowledge in R, Python, Javascript. Also uses HTML, CSS and NodeJs for website development when necessary

To know more about my project, visit my Github Page.